senior.. wow.

holy moses, how time flies. im a SENIOR! finally. seems like the day would never come. haha. i ordered all my graduation announcements and my class ring this week. it just seems to crazy that it is finally all coming together. almost un real.

things like this are what really kill me. ha look how little we were. 7th grade!
me and my friends at a dance, doing the 09 sign with our hands.

it's just nuts to think it's almost over! but at the same time, i couldn't be more excited.
for those of you that read this to keep up on what im doing.. after graduation i plan on moving to new york city where im hoping to go to the New York Institute of Art. but it all depends on what plans God has in store for me. :]


weekend with the girls :]

this last weekend was honestly a blast. it was so much fun. my best friend, chelby, her mom, sister and sister's friend all went into sandy and stayed at a hotel, and shopped at south town on and off all weekend. it was so much fun. us girls got all of our school shopping done. it was so nice to take a few days off work and just relax! we swam in the pool, stayed up late and just talked, and plus shopped :] my personal favorite.
these are just a few of the many pictures but it seriously was one of the best weekends that i have ever had.
this is what i love about being single. plus it gives me time to just wind down and have some fun. without the stress of a boyfriend. im to young. ha ha.


my favorite holiday

this holiday is my absolute favorite. i love everything about it. it seems to be a day when everyone is happy! i love all the festive creations of others. i love being around so many people that are all enjoying it with you. i love the parade (although i was slightly disappointed this year because there was basically no floats.) but i love everything about this holiday.
mike and i went to the salt lake bee's game for our 4th. usually, we go to his brother rocky's, but he didn't have a big get together this year. being at the game was so much fun! for one, im a huge baseball fan. i love watching it! and the firework show was awesome. of course, my pictures aren't to good, but oh well. :]
i think the one think that makes me like this holiday so much, is that it reminds me that we are a free country. we can do what we please. we can say what we want, do what we want.. anything. and that means so much to be. when i think about the men and women fighting to keep us free, it just means that much more. and now, that i have a brother in law that will be leaving for the middle east, it makes me love being free even more then usual. because now it's not just men and women. it's my family. 
i love america. i love living in a free country. i love everything about the usa.


saying goodbye. no. see ya later!

having to say goodbye to your sister is the hardest thing to do. i honestly think that! we haven't been that close the past few months, but she is still my sister. we have that bond that no one else has. and when i had to say goodbye to her, knowing that i would only see her every once in a while, here and there, for the next 4 years.. i balled my eyes out. it's so hard! they haven't even made it to NC yet, but I wish they could turn around and come right back to utah. i wish my sister still just lived a mile away, and i could go hang out with her at her house, and go have lunch with her at work. but this surely does suck. she is gone. and i only get to see her a few times a year now. this is way hard. beyond hard. i want my sister back. :[


dance DANCE!

this dance gave me the chills last night. they did such a beautiful job!!!!
yay for so you think you can dance! WOOOOOOO!


my first blog survey!

I know... that everything happens for a reason, even though sometimes its hard!!!
I believe... in myself.
I fought... with brittany for a long time ha ha
I am angered... when my mom expects more of me then i can even handle.
I love... my life!!!
I need... to make more time for people i don't see to much.
I take... alot of things for granted.
I hear... my cell phone ringing..
I drink... only water, milk and juice.
I hate... liars. 
I use... my cell phone constantly. 
I want... to be a better person. im told im a great person, but i wish i could do more for others.
I like... food. lots and lots of food.
I feel... like crying. don't even know why.
I wear... clothes. everyday! i need new ones though.. :]
I left... my heart in new york.. HA HA.
I do... hate school!!!!!!
I dream... of becoming a great wife, and mother someday!
I drive... not as much anymore.
I listen... to music... 
I type... continually throughout a day!
I think... it would be a blast to go to europe.
I need... some new clothes.. woo! 
I wish... I could shop every day with no expense... that would be the life!
I am... FUN!! and honest. 
I regret... quitting piano lessons.... I think it is beautiful... but practicing was no fun!
I care... about my family & friends
I should... clean my room.
I said... things that I regret
I wonder... what my kids will look like... im afraid to have ugly babies...I know its dumb, but its the truth.
I cry...all the time... if im sad, mad, or anything else... I cry lot!
I lose... my mind when my mom makes me mad. ha ha.